40x30mm or 50x30mm
Technical Details
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Product description
Name: Self-adhesive label
Material: Thermal paper
Color: White
Applicable ribbon: no ribbon required
Product features: can print directly
1. Label size: What is the length and width of a single label in mm, and what is the spacing, generally the default is 2mm, whether it is necessary to bring easy tear lines. If a sample can be provided, the sample shall prevail.
2. Label shape: right angle, rounded corner, circle, ellipse or other irregular shapes.
3. Label arrangement: the number of labels per roll, and the product arrangement is single row, double row, or multiple row.
4. Label color: label paper color, bottom paper color, or printing color.
5. Tube core diameter: the inner diameter of the paper tube can be selected as: 32mm, 40mm, 76mm.
6. Different specifications and sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

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