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Cash drawer(ZC405)
Technical Details
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- Single front slot fbr check,credit card and bills.

- Different panels can be customized.

- Fast open with heavy-duty plastic roller.

- Fixed bill divider, removable coin tray.

- 9-24V compatible.

- 3-position key lock with 100 key combinations.

- RJ12 interface as standard, USB optional.

Physical Dimension 405Wx420Lxl00H(mm)
Packing Dimension 475Wx455Lxl65H(mm)
Cash Tray Dimension 385Wx290Lx65H(mm)
Bill Tray Dimension 380Wxl80Lx55H(mm)
Coin Tray Dimension 375WxllOLx45H(mm)
Bill divider Dimension 5 Bill divider 80/80/72/72/72(mm)
Weight Net weight:5kg , Gross weight:6kg
Color Black/White/Custom type
Bill Tray/ Coin Tray 5 Bill+8 Coin /6 Bill+4Coin/ 9 Bill Fixed Bill Dividers and Removable Coin Case
Inner Drawer Plastic Drawer
Bill holders Metal Wire Gripper
Panel Different panels can be customized
Dviders Vertical Plastic Divider
Rollers Heavy Duty Plastic Rollers
Key Lock Three-position Key Lock with 10^100 Key Combinations
Media Slot Single Media Slot
Micro Switch/Sensor Open By Driver Signal To The Solenoid(option)
I/O Interface RJ12 as Standard,USB for option
Cable Connection External Cable on Bottom
Cable Lengths 1.1 Meters
Durability 1,000,000 Cycles


ZC405 Cash drawer specification..pdf    

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