World Fruit Industry Exhibition
2019-05-08 14:09:04


Our company Guangzhou Huicheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(ZGHPOS) held a POS products exhibition at the 2020 World Fruit Industry Expo in Guangzhou on September 24. The booth number is Hall 11.3, K03/B325, the exhibition area of this fruit industry expo is 10,000 square meters, and nearly 300 companies show their talents at the exhibition.



On the first day of the launch, w our company attracted many buyers to visit and test our products, most of the customers took samples back to test, and some customers directly placed trial orders.

With the theme of "Trillions of Business Opportunities-Fruit Leading the Future", this expo covers display categories such as seeds, seedlings, fresh fruits, fresh cuts, juices, dried fruits, nuts, preserved fruits, planting, cold chain transportation, fresh e-commerce, etc. , To build a high-end fruit industry trade cooperation platform for exhibitors and purchasers.



As a window open to the world, the 2020 World Fruit Industry Expo integrates functions such as production and marketing docking, industrial transformation, policy interpretation, and leading display. It attracts the participation of many domestic and foreign brands. Internationally, it has won the participation of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other groups. Domestically, it is supported by the Guangxi Pavilion, Chen's Sunshine, Jiangxi Lumeng, Jiabao and other brand enterprises, and the exhibition scope covers the fruit industry chain.

Therefore, in this exhibition, our products have been favored by exhibitors from various Asian countries. Facilitated a good order.