What is the difference between a laser barcode gun and a red light barcode gun?
2020-09-04 10:45:27

You may be more familiar with a barcode scanning gun than a barcode scanning module. What exactly is a barcode scanning module? Barcode scanning module is also known as barcode scanning module and barcode scanning engine. It is one of the key parts in the field of automatic identification, and it is one of the key parts for the second development of barcode scanning gun. The scanning module has a complete and independent barcode scanning and decoding function, which can be written into various industry application functions.

In terms of classification, the barcode scanning module can be divided into one-dimensional module and two-dimensional code module, which can be divided into laser module and red light module according to the light source. The former believes that it is easy to understand that the one-dimensional code module can only scan the one-dimensional bar code, and the two-dimensional code module can scan the two-dimensional barcode. As for the laser scanning module and the red light scanning module, it is not well understood that the following scanning net ease will focus on the explanation.

The working principle of laser scanning module is composed of internal laser device with A laser light, playing in A band on the reflectors of the mechanical structure, to rely on vibration motor swing to laser spot into ten percent laser line on the bar code, after A - D decoded into digital signals. And the red light scanning module is generally used for LED light emitting diode, which relies on the CCD sensor to convert the photoelectric signal.

Laser scanning module, most of the machinery equipment fixed by glue machine, so it is often easy to damage, when swinging pendulum fall off, so we can often see some laser gun falls backward scan light became a point, causing high repair. However, there is no mechanical structure in the red light scanning module, so the anti-fall is not comparable with the laser, so the stability is better, and the return rate of the red light scanning module is much lower than that of the laser scanning module.

From the perspective of the physical principle of laser and the red light, the energy of laser is refers to the stimulated radiation is strong, the parallel degree of good light, and now most of the red light is made up of LED light, red light is not the kind of infrared ray, we say the definition of infrared physics is a spontaneous outward radiation of electromagnetic wave, the temperature of the object is not visible.

Infrared includes all wavelengths larger than red light, and the laser refers to the light of a certain wavelength, and they are not necessarily connected, not in the same field. Laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is produced by the radiation, infrared ray is naked eye cannot be observed in the spectrum frequency smaller wavelength, as part of the larger wavelength from 0.76 to 400 micron, from their wavelength and energy decision under strong light red light penetrability and anti-interference than laser is poor, so under the strong light outdoor laser is better than red light.